Our story
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It is a mother-daughter story

Shanna is a brand made out of the imagination of Chloé Renier. Chloé studied Grafic design but decided to start her career in the world of fashion by making jewelry and writing a manual about her creations. Her book was translated into several languages, and was sold for more than 100,000 times.

In 2005, she created Shanna, which she named after her daughter. Her immediate success was due to the originality of her jewelry, which combined unique fabrics.

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Gold on her fingertips and a mind full of ideas

Chloé launched her "mix & match" scarves in 2012 which caused a real Shanna mania.

Guided by her instincts, she finds her source of inspiration when choosing fabrics in the fashion capital.


Strong values

The brand is mostly focusing on values like ethic, passion and efficiency. Shanna is characterized by quality, originality and of course clean and consistent finishings.

The signature of Shanna scarves is the assemblage of four squares enhanced by ribbons. The combination of colours and patterns, the mix of prints and materials, are extremely effective.

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"Une marque qui se complaît dans l’éphémère"

The Shanna brand does propose two major seasons like most labels, but releases new models according to the arrival of materials and fabrics found with care in Paris. Therefore, the collection is renewed every three weeks. The strength of the concept lies in its very limited series (no more than fifty copies per model scattered in the various shops) and the frequency of new products offered at the points of sale.

Our newest creations


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The Shanna studio

All Shanna creations are 'made in Belgium' and are born in our studio, in the heart of the province of Liège, where six seamstresses are busy.

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Local anchoring and ethics are values that are very important to the brand. In the offices above the studio, two account managers are developing the brand's network, the outlets of outlets and the relatonship with distributors throughout Europe and beyond.

The points of sale


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Renew every day

Every month you will discover a new collection. Each one is produced as a limited edition.

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